Transition Management?

We Support You

We do not require corporate sponsorship by an employee’s company to enter our outplacement program. We do not need the support of an individual’s company because of the awkward ethical/functional dilemma inherent in leaving an organization. However, the vast majority of our outplacement services have corporate sponsorship. Superior outplacement service requires the freedom to counsel the client even when their wants conflict with their needs.

As an executive without a job or planning to leave a job, it can be challenging to ask for and receive meaningful and actionable feedback. That’s where we come in, whether you want to become more effective in your current position, are looking for a new opportunity, or want to move into a different industry, we support you through the process with expert executive coaching techniques that are situated in science.

Our process focus is to develop a strategic transition plan that will assist you in obtaining the position you desire with the organization of your choice; It is essential that we help you to identify an organization that is a perfect fit for your personality and your future growth.