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Our executive coaching and decision analysis are tailored to fit your organization’s needs during various types of transitional and ongoing concerns. Whitmore consulting coaching provides unique, repeatable, winning strategies to improve the performance of individual managers and the teams they lead. Our goal is to enable organizations to become optimally effective in achieving business objectives, regardless of the circumstances that confront them.

We provide resources and processes that help executives focus on leadership, teamwork, conflict management, and collaboration.
Because effective decision-making and change management are constant challenges in business, we steer leaders successfully through decision analysis and change management processes. Our leadership development programs enable managers and their work teams to become active decision-makers within their organizations, thus allowing the investment in our partnership to deliver immediate and ongoing returns.

The services and resources we provide generate positive, measurable bottom-line results by emphasizing (a) personal growth in strength areas and (b) risk reduction through effective problem avoidance and conflict resolution. Can Decision Analysis and Executive Coaching deliver a return on investment for your organization? Yes, when you have the right tools, the right guidance, the right framework, and, most importantly, the right partner.


Decision Analysis that Screen Out Heuristics
Decision Analysis that Support the Facts Rationally, not Naturalistically
Transition Coaching for Executive and Selected Leaders
Executive Coaching & Mentoring
Career and Life Coaching for Executives
Personal Mission Statements and Business Plans
Interview Preparation and Coaching for Executives