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Diverse Leadership

What will you do when your executive calls to say that s/he is leaving for another job or retiring? Who is ready for a key executive leadership role? Can you afford not to have a key functional area well run in the interim? What do you do if your organization is not ready to recruit and hire a new executive immediately? Whitmore consulting specializes in working with organizations when their executives, whether CEOs, COOs, CFOs, or other officers, depart for any reason.

Executive departures are seldom easy, and the resulting transitions are critical events in the lifecycles of organizations. It is important not to underestimate the challenge that this change is likely to create for the staff, board, members, and clients. While an executive’s departure is a challenge, it is also an opportunity for the organization to get clear about:

  • Where the organization is at present,
  • Where it wants to go in the future, and
  • What skills and attributes the next executive need to help the organization achieve its mission and live its vision.
  • How can the board and leadership create a dynamic, inclusive leadership team that demonstrates clarity about the organization’s future?

Depending on the organization and the search consultant, an executive search can take from six to 12 months to complete, which is a significant length of time for the organization to be without executive leadership. Engaging a professional executive search, particularly one focused on the future of an inclusive organization, can take even longer. Our executive search process will identify diverse talents that will bring new excitement, collaboration, and results to make a sustained positive difference for your team.

Here is a shoutout from an executive from Ross Stores:

Mary Walter, Senior VP, Ross Stores

“During my partnership and contact with Roy at Target, I could always count on him for direct, insightful feedback on any new strategy or initiative. He truly valued talent development and was directly responsible for making Chicagoland Target stores a talent resource for the rest of the region. Roy believes in a team concept and makes those around him more valuable to the company.”

Whitmore consulting has the depth and experience needed to meet your organization’s senior executive diverse talent needs fast and efficiently, and we will not waste your profits.

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