I am always amazed at how people can believe apparent lies. I am reminded of two sociological theories which can help explain how people can follow a blatant lie. B.F Skinner explains such behavior in his operant behavior theory & E. Durkheim in his physics of society theory.

Durkheim: Believed that we do not see the symbolic significance of our social ideas because we take them for granted. He explains that “they are a kind of glass through which we see the universe. Which we never notice until it is broken by some social disruption. Even when that happens, we tend to react by punishing the disrupting people instead of paying attention to the fact that there is a glass wall around ourselves.”  We see this happening with the four congresswomen and the helpless kids at our southern border.

We have an individual yelling at the top of his lungs that he is a patriot and others are not, and all one needs to do is to consider the facts:

He or no one in his family ever served in the military.
He or no one in his family ever served with the Red Cross or any other nonprofit that served the people of the world.
He does not pay his fair share of taxes.
He only is a bully to those that have little or no means to fight back.
He is demeaning to women.
Raciest to people of color.

I suppose Durkheim was correct when he wrote: “rationality always has a nonrational foundation from which it starts.” We see this in the behavior of many Americans today!!!