Trumps Humanitarian Positive!

I am always amazed at what we can learn from the youngest among us if we only listen. This conversation is essential for all Americans, and it is worthy to note that Mr. Trump’s hate talk and ugly incoherent rhetoric about everyone but those with a similar appearance to him might be the catalyst needed to lift minorities particularly young African American males. Allow me to expound on this conversation.

We had our neighbor over for Thanksgiving dinner, and she brought her eight-year-old grandson with her and what a delight he was. I don’t often have the opportunity to engage kids this age, so I took advantage of my time with him. This kid is super intelligent, he speaks Spanish fluently and is well on his way to learning how to speak Chinese. I am in awe with kids in this age range because they can quickly move between baby and teen behavior.  When he grabbed my wife’s snoopy dog and began to hug him and roll around on the floor, I knew that he was just a kid. However, almost in the same moment, he starts to speak about Mr. Trump, and he appears to be a young adult articulating Trump’s behavior with total clarity, in fact, based on Mr. Trump’s limited vocabulary this kid came off as a college freshman.

Ok, this is what amazed me. The young man said “Donald Trump,” he never addressed him as President “is a despicable human and when I am President, I am going to eliminate and remove everything he has done.” He went on to say that “Trump is a hateful man that only cares about some people but all people are important to me.” This next statement is what caught my attention and caused me to say to myself there is something positive about Trump’s presidency, and if he only knew that his nasty behavior is lifting black and brown kids all over the world, he might be quiet.  Although, based on my conversation with this little guy I am hopeful that Trump will continue with his hateful talk because something good is happening here in America and I believe around the world. Instantly returning to a big kid, he announced to me “so I am going to be the smartest president every even smarter than President Obama and Lincoln, and I will stop this hate and dislike in America.”

Suddenly he returned to an eight-year-old behavior and started to roll around on the floor, and a news spot pops up on TV about Trump, and just as quickly he became a young adult shouting: “I can’t stand watching or listening to that man.” Well, I for one am so happy that at eight years old this kid is clear about right and wrong and what a true humanitarian behavior is all about. I am even more excited that he understands the value of education and knowledge. Did I tell you that in addition to English he speaks Spanish and is well on his way to learning Chinese?

I say thanks to Mr. Trump because you are doing what no one else has been able to do here in America…your hate-filled talk is lifting our lost people, and like it or not they will have a say about the making of America’s future. I am hopeful Mr. President that some day you will use the power of that office to unite Americans and the peoples of the world and not cause more irreparable damage to our societies through anger and division.

Roy Whitmore, Ph.D.