I am always amazed at my American family, and that would include myself and all Americans. In fact, we love our country more than we love each other but wait a minute we are the country. It is indeed amazing that we have allowed social media and the news to reinforce the many socially constructed stereotypes and biases that we hold to virtually tear us apart from the very fabric of our democracy when most of the information we read on those sites are not based in facts at all. The vast majority of the information we read on the web and social media sites are created too illicit a psychological and emotional response from us. In fact, much of what we read on social media are fabricated stories posted by those we believe to be our friends, but they are individuals with no face that joined our stream or they have hacked our friend’s page.

Now here are a few facts to consider. First, it is a fact that Russia and other countries have been following you and posting on your Twitter, Facebook, and other sites for years now. There is also some validated proof that some of the so-called data on Wikipedia has been altered by Russians and individuals from other countries to serve their selfish and devious purposes. Folks, their primary goal is not to help any particular candidate or party win an election, but it is to weaken our democracy for the world to see and to attempt to prove those authoritarian regimes such as Russia is preferable to our democracy which is about free people and free speech.

These autocratic type societies will stop at nothing to rip our great democracy apart, and that includes having us destroy each other. Here are a few suggestions to help you remove the hate and anger from your social media sites. First, if any of your social media connections or organization do not share an identity that can be quickly validated remove them as a connection right away. Those individuals or groups that hide behind false names and no faces should not be followed or believed. Further, know that if someone or an organization is posting only negative information or positive information about someone or something that you support or oppose it is probably fake, and you must validate that information with a reliable source.

Folks if you are an American Citizen there is a very high probability that you love our country more than Russia, and other nations so let’s start treating each other with love, dignity, and respect and stop allowing other nations and hateful people to rip us apart. In the end, it is about our democracy and the future of our kids. Finally, like it or not we are stuck with each other in love or hate, and I for one will embrace love.